Born in 1901 in Bolton, Mississippi, guitarist Walter Vinson (sometimes Vincson) was both a key member of the Mississippi Sheiks string band, and a talented solo performer in his own right. It is reputed that as a youngster Vinson was adopted by the musically influential Chatmon family and grew up alongside brothers Armenter (Bo Carter), Sam and Lonnie Chatmon. In his youth Vinson is said to have also played along with Tommy Johnson and Ishmon Bracey. During the early 1930's Vinson and Lonnie Chatmon led the Sheiks during their most successful period, during which "Sitting on Top of the World", their best known song was released. He also recorded as a soloist during the 1930's, primarily for the Bluebird and Okeh labels, and also for Paramount. In the early 1940's he moved to Chicago where he found little success and he drifted away from the music scene. He was "re-discovered" during the folk-blues revival era of the 1960's and enjoyed more success making further recordings and appearing at music festivals. Ill health forced his move into a Chicago nursing home in 1972 and he subsequently passed away in 1975.


    Overtime Blues