Mississippi Sheiks




The Mississippi Sheiks were one of the best of the string bands that competed in the Mississippi delta area in the 1920ís and the 1930ís. Based in Jackson, Mississippi, and taking their name from the Rudolph Valentino film 'The Sheik', the groups line-up changed from gig to gig depending on the various alternative demands made on its members. However the core of the group never varied very much, with Walter Vinson and Lonnie Chatmon usually present, and frequently joined by Bo Carter and Sam Chatmon, Lonnieís brothers. In addition, particularly in the 1920ís, Charlie McCoy who himself hailed from Jackson, was a frequent guest. The group recorded over 60 songs during the 1930ís but their popularity gradually waned, and by the end of that decade the members had gone their various ways.

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