Alex Moore was born, spent virtually all of his life, and died in Dallas, Texas, where he was the undisputed king of the barrelhouse piano. Born in 1899, he began performing as a teenager in the joints and at parties around the Dallas area, often using the name "Whistlin' Alex". When he was thirty years old he made his first recordings for Columbia, recording again seven years later for Decca. Although highly regarded in Dallas, his recordings had little impact outside of Texas and although he recorded again in 1951, it wasn't until the blues revival of the 1960's that he achieved national recognition in America. Signing for Arhoolie Records, for the first time and by then in his sixties, Moore toured outside of Texas, playing clubs and blues festivals, and even ventured to Europe, spreading his distinctive whistling trademark far and wide. He continued to perform on the club circuit throughout the 1970's and 1980's, although he gradually cut down on the travelling, and he even recorded a final album in 1988 for Rounder Records. He died aged 89 in Dallas.