Bumble Bee Slim/ AMOS EASTON







Born in Brunswick, Georgia, in 1905, Bumble Bee Slim was a very competent country blues guitarist and vocalist who enjoyed significant recording success during the 1930ís. Bumble Bee Slim left his Georgia home when he was 14 years old to join a circus that was playing in Brunswick. He stayed with the circus for several years touring southern and mid west US States until he eventually settled down in Indianapolis, Indiana. He made a good living there, becoming something of a star on the local party, bar and dance hall scene.

Slimís style was heavily influenced by
Leroy Carr and Scrapper Blackwell, who had teamed up in Indianapolis in the mid 1920ís. In the early 1930ís Slim moved to Chicago and by 1934 he had established a successful recording career, initially with Lestor Melroseís  Bluebird label. His record sales were very good for the next three years but eventually they began to decline and Slim moved back to his home state of Georgia, spending time in Atlanta and Columbus. He was unable to resurrect his career significantly and he moved on to California in the 1940ís. There he made further abortive attempts to revive his recording career before settling for a quiet life playing the California clubs. Based in Los Angeles, he died there in 1968 aged 62