Bill Gaither, sometimes known as Little Bill, was a blues guitarist and singer who had a reasonably successful song writing and recording career during the 1930's and early 1940's. He was probably born in Tennessee around 1908 although Belmont, Kentucky is also sometimes cited as his birthplace. He was often referred to as 'Leroy's Buddy' because of his friendship with blues pianist Leroy Carr who he met in Nashville and who was a major influence on him. Gaither often imitated Carr's style of slow blues, most often using pianist Honey Hill as an accompanist. Following Carr's death in 1935, Gaither wrote the song "The Life Of Leroy Carr" as a tribute to him. His last recording was in 1941 after which he disappeared from the music scene. There is nothing further known of his later life although it is believed that he is buried in Indianapolis.


    After the Sun's Gone Down