Houston Stackhouse was a blues guitarist and vocalist who spent almost all of his life playing the Mississippi delta border towns. Born in 1910 in Wesson, Mississippi, his guitar hero was Tommy Johnson who was something of a celebrity in Mississippi at the time of Stackhouse's teenage years. Although a competent performer in his own right, Stackhouse's is most remembered for the guidance and influence he exerted on his cousin, aspiring young bluesman, Robert Nighthawk. Nighthawk went on to achieve much greater success and fame than Stackhouse, although he never forgot the debt he owed his cousin and he backed him on a series of recordings Stackhouse made in the 1960's. Although he made the occasional tour of southern USA States, and even visited Europe, for the most part Stackhouse remained primarily a Mississippi stalwart, respected in the Delta but largely unknown elsewhere. He died in Houston, Texas, in 1980.