Almost certainly born in the Mississippi delta and likely to have spent most of his life there. He certainly played in Jackson and in Rankin County with Tommy Johnson and possibly with Ishmon Bracey as well. Also referred to by other artists as having played in Indianola, Leland and Morehead and may have lived on a plantation near Leland. Some reports have him playing with Charlie Patton in Skene, near Leland. It has been reported that he died in St. Louis when he was murdered while he was performing at a club there but this has never been confirmed. His only known recordings are "Rowdy Blues" and "Mississippi Bottom Blues".


Claims have been made that the name Kid Bailey was a pseudonym used by Willie Brown, enabling him to record on two different labels, and whilst no documentary evidence has been found to substantiate this, there are similarities in the their style and vocal phrasing.


    Mississippi Bottom Blues