Mississippi John Hurt was born in Teoc in Mississippi in 1892 although his family moved to Avalon in 1895 and Hurt spent the rest of his life there. His musical talent was obvious at an early age and by the age of 11 he was playing at parties, picnics and 'fish fries'. His family were sharecroppers and John Hurt worked on the family farm, performing at weekends. When he was in his mid thirties he was discovered by a talent scout for Okeh Records and he went to Memphis, recording eight tracks although only two were released.  However the response to these was good and Hurt recorded again the same year in New York, this time recording 12 tracks, most of which were released. However a combination of the Depression, Hurt's dislike of the city and fairly average record sales resulted in him returning to his farm in Mississippi. Here he continued for the next thirty five years as a farmer and weekend performer, primarily in the Avalon area. As with so many bluesmen of his ilk, the resurgence of interest in country blues led to him being "re-discovered" in the early 1960's. For three years he enjoyed great success on the college and festival circuit, achieving almost cult status with new young white audiences. He also appeared on national television and recorded three albums for Vanguard. Mississippi John Hurt died in 1966 in Mississippi aged 73.