Rubin Lacey was born in 1901 in Pelahatchie, Mississippi, and was raised by his grandfather who was the local preacher. He was an important influence on Son House, and also an important member of the Jackson, Mississippi Blues scene in the 1920's. He left home as a teenager after learning to play the guitar and started working the street corners and juke joints in Jackson. When he was in his early twenties he moved to Chicago for a while but he failed to settle and returned to the Jackson area where he often performed with Tommy Johnson, Ishman Bracey, and the Mississippi Shieks. He is only known to have recorded two songs as a soloist, recording "Mississippi Jail House Groan" and "Ham Hound Cave" in 1928 for Paramount. However he was a popular support artist and it is likely that he appeared on recordings by many other artists during this period. His grandfather's early influence ensured that Lacey always had a leaning toward Christianity, and he gave up performing when he was 31 years old to become a Baptist minister in Mississippi. Later in his life he moved to California and he died there in 1972.