The Reverend Robert Wilkins was born in January 1896 in Hernando, Mississippi  and was part Cherokee Indian in origin. When he was in his teens he moved with his mother to Memphis and by the 1920's he was one of the most popular blues artists performing on Beale Street. In 1928, when he was 32 years old Wilkins recorded four songs for Victor records, and a year later Vocalion visited Memphis and he recorded eight sides for them. The most famous song he recorded was 'That's No Way To Get Along' which was later covered by the Rolling Stones as 'Prodigal Son'. He made his last recordings of this period in 1935 when he recorded five titles. About that time his wife became very seriously ill and Wilkins, who was already disillusioned by the frequent violence at blues parties, offered his life to God in exchange for that of his wife. His wife survived and Wilkins kept his pledge and joined the Church of God in Christ and became an ordained minister, specializing in healing and herbal remedies. Wilkins never stopped playing but changed to gospel numbers, keeping his old guitar arrangements but changing the lyrics. He was "rediscovered" in the early 1960's and was persuaded to record an album of religious material. He died in Memphis in 1987 at the age of 91.