Originally called Nick and the Nomads, and then becoming Nix Nomads, they were a R & B band from Ipswich who were formed by Keith Wymer in the early sixties. Influenced by the developing British R & B scene in London, which came to Ipswich via Ipswich Bluesville, the band cut their musical teeth at small gigs in venues in Ipswich such as 'Victor Sylvesters' (a dance hall which was above the Gaumont Cinema - now the Regent) and also in village halls mainly around Suffolk and Essex.

The Gaumont, home of 'Victor Sylvesters',  the saturday night dance hall for mods in Ipswich in the early 1960's.


They attracted a devoted mod following and released one single, ‘You're Nobody (Till Somebody Loves You)/She'll Be Sweeter Than You’, which is now very sought-after by R&B collectors. The 'A' side was a reasonable cover of the Ray Charles song, but the bluesy 'B' side was better. Keith Wymer then joined The Fairies in 1965, for one single release, before forming St. Willy Cool School. He was briefly part of an embryonic "post Van Morrison" Them following that band's acrimonious break up after Morrison's departure.

The Fairies, an R&B band from Colchester in Essex were originally known as Dane Stephens and The Deep Beats in 1963. They were 'THE' mod band in Essex and were also very popular in Ipswich, often alternating with Nix Nomads at local venues. The band changed their name to The Fairies in 1964 after getting a recording contract with Decca (the choice of name was not perhaps one of Decca's better decisions). Their first release was a Dylan cover, which is now rare, sought-after and expensive to obtain. Like the Nomads release it was OK but the 'B' side, a strong R&B number, was better. Stephens left the band temporarily following a  conviction for a serious driving offence and was replaced by Keith Wymer for their next single, 'Get Yourself Home', although Stephens returned for their final release.

After they broke up the band members went their various ways. John "Twink" Alder went on to enjoy an often controversial career with Tomorrow, The Pretty Things and The Pink Fairies; Dane Stephens (real name Dougie Orde) joined Cops 'n' Robbers as their vocalist; Mick Weaver went on to play for several seventies bands and John Gandy was later in Bluesology.